Wednesday, October 12, 2011

36th Annual Intellectual Property Institute in Dana Point

Ok, I usually don't shill for anybody, but this is a worthy event and, if you're wasting time reading my blog (and yes, George, I know you are), then you might as well know about a really good source of IP information. Namely, the 36th Annual Intellectual Property Institute.

This year the festivities will be held on November 10-12, in Dana Point. It does cost something -- but there are no cops at the door, so even if you're flat broke, super cheap, or both, you could still probably listen from hall -- or ask people what was said on their way out for any particular discussion. Will it be annoying if you do so? Yes. Will you be able to nab some free coffee at the same time? Yes? Does that make it worth it? Doesn't it?

In any event, I am inviting one and all to join me at the 36th Annual Intellectual Property Institute at the Marriott Laguna Cliffs Resort, in Dana Point, California, for excellent continuing legal education programs, networking, meals, fun. On top of all that, you can join in the celebration of the IP Section's IP Vanguard Award honorees: Jay Monahan @ Zynga, Adrian Pruetz @ Pruetz Law Group, Hon. Judge Kozinski @ 9th Circuit, and Eric Goldman @ Santa Clara University School of Law. (Side note: Eric is the person who first showed me the Internet -- so in a way, this entire blog is his fault.)

The Institute is a relative bargain according to the people who are trying to get you to by tickets, and there are steeply discounted resort rates (again, according to . . . .) See for more information.

And please pass this invitation on to your colleagues and friends. Thanks.