Friday, November 27, 2009

SixthSense Technology -- The Future is Now

Many of you heard Nambi Seshadri, VP&CTO of the Mobile and Wireless Group at Broadcom Corporation, discuss the future of wireless technology at our last BC Edge.

Now you can see that future, and much more by following this link to Pranav Mistry's presentation about SixthSense technology:

For those who haven’t yet heard of SixthSense technology, here’s the low down:

Pranav Mistry (a PhD candidate at the MIT Media Lab and perhaps one of the greatest inventor of our day), has developed a wearable, interactive computing system that is completely detached from what we currently think of as a wireless device.

Forget making a phone call on your IPhone or Blackberry, the time is near where we will dial instead on the palm of our hands. Sound amazing? That’s only the beginning. Imagine taking a photo with no visible camera, by simply holding up your hands as a director might frame a shot for a film, or holding up your airline boarding pass and having it tell you whether your plane is delayed. Again, follow the link to see what I’m talking about.

Pranav Mistry’s device creates a digitial bridge between the real world and the virtual world using little more than a webcam, a battery-powered projector, an internet-enabled mobile phone and some amazing software that only big brains can develop (and the beta version of which is said to have cost less than $350).

And the final kicker? Mistry says he intends to make the software necessary to run this SixthSense technology open source. Follow the link. The future is waiting.

Jonathan Pink is Co-Chair of the Internet and New Media Team at Bryan Cave, LLP. He is resident in the firm's Irvine, California and Los Angeles offices, and can be reached at 949-223-7173. His practice includes commercial litigation with a specialty in intellectual property issues.